Museum of Brisbane



Creative Q&A: Invention Collection
Learn more about ceramic practice Invention Collection!
Creative Q&A: Nadine Sawyer
Learn more about artist Nadine Sawyer!
Creative Q&A: Paula Dunlop
Learn more about jewellery designer Paula Dunlop!
Creative Q&A: erinswindow
Learn more about ceramicist & artisan erinswindow!
Creative Q&A: Bee One Third
Learn more about beekeepers Bee One Third!
Q&A: Craig & Karl
Learn more about the genre-hoppers Craig & Karl
Creative Q&A: Ingrid Bartkowiak
Learn more about artist Ingrid Bartkowiak!
Creative Q&A: Concrete Jellyfish
Learn more about jewellery design studio, Concrete Jellyfish!
Creative Q&A: Busy Head
Learn more about jewellery design studio Busy Head!
Creative Q&A: Ruby Phyllis
Learn more about jewellery label Ruby Phyllis!
Creative Q&A: Blue House Porcelain
Learn more about ceramic practice Blue House Porcelain!
Q&A: Nicolette Johnson
Learn more about ceramicist Nicolette Johnson
Q&A: Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan
Discover a world of sculptural installation
Creative Q&A: Ivy & Wood
Learn more about candle makers Ivy & Wood!
Creative Q&A: Summer Stories
Learn more about shower essentials line Summer Stories!
Creative Q&A: dunkle authentic
Learn more about natural makeup label dunkle authentic!
High Rotation Q&A: Lars Brandle
Go behind the scenes of the early music scene in Brisbane.
High Rotation Q&A | Ben Ely from Regurgitator
Learn about the early days of Brisbane band Regurgitator!
Alethea Beetson | Reflections on MoB residency and City Hall
Alethea reflects on her residency and City Hall
Banner: Michelle Eskola (2018 Artist-in-Residence), It Comes in Waves, pigment on paper, 2017. Image courtesy the artist.