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Jason Tong


A response to Rachael Sarra’s Who Reaps What You Sowed (2021) composed by Jason Tong.

Reach by Jason Tong from Camerata’s City in the Sun, performed at Museum of Brisbane. Musicians: Helena Wang, Jason Tong, Jonny Ng and Katherine Philp. Filmed by Vanessa van Dalsen. Audio by Luke Woollett.

About Jason’s piece

“I was inspired by the use of physical distance in Rachael Sarra’s work. There are elements, colours and textures I am drawn to see right up close, but in doing so I distance myself from other parts of her work; the sharp ridge in the middle prevents me from seeing half of the work. Only by standing away can I see the whole story. This distancing made me imagine nomads and nomadic life in a vast desert. One way I explored this is through melody that is improvisation-like with slides and motion to mimic vocal qualities.

I wanted to respond to Rachael’s use of texture as well, these light and cloud-like uses of colour. Harmonics and trills in the violins are free formed to reflect a vesper-like quality. The nebulous nature of the colour and the brushed lines in the extremities of the work are juxtaposed against the sharp, font derived text, meticulously set at the very centre of her work, Who Reaps What You Sowed.”

– Jason Tong

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