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Museum of Brisbane Collection

Museum of Brisbane has a unique collection focus on our city. Our Collection comprises artworks and objects that reflect the stories and people of Brisbane. Museum of Brisbane is home to the Easton Pearson Archive and the City of Brisbane Collection.


Beginning in 1859 with the foundation of local government in Brisbane, the Collection’s holdings expanded in 1912 when a large number of works by local artist Richard Randall were donated by his father. During the 1960s and 1970s more works were added through gifts and purchases when the City Hall Arts and Historical Committee became responsible for development of the Collection.

A collection of historical ceramics grew after the appointment of a curator during the 1970s and contemporary works by Brisbane artists were acquired during the 1990s. From 2003 works by contemporary artists reflecting upon the social history of Brisbane have been commissioned as part of Museum exhibitions and added to Collection holdings, which now exceed 9,000 items.

Judy Watsonwater dragon 2011, acrylic and charcoal on canvas. Photo: Carl Warner. Purchased 2018 with donations from Gadens Art Challenge, 2017, Museum of Brisbane Collection.

Easton Pearson Archive

The Easton Pearson Archive is a collection of more than 3,300 signature garments from Brisbane’s most successful fashion house. Easton Pearson was created by Brisbane locals Pamela Easton & Lydia Pearson, who led the internationally successful label from 1988 – 2016.


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A city without art is a city without heart, and at Museum of Brisbane an important part of our job is to be the custodians for Brisbane’s artworks and history. Between the City of Brisbane and Museum of Brisbane Collections, we care for more than 9,000 artworks and objects of historic and cultural significance to our city’s community.

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The Designer's Guide: Easton Pearson Archive at Museum of Brisbane 2018. Photo: Jono Searle.