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Megan McKean, BRISTOPIA 2018. Courtesy the artist.


Welcome to BRISTOPIA!

As Brisbane grows and changes, we reflect upon the elements of our city that nurture and connect us. Blending animation with whimsical illustrations by Megan McKean, immerse yourself in our animated Brisbane cityscape to learn about the landmarks that make up the city we live in.

This online exhibition features a selection of work from the exhibition BRISTOPIA, displayed at Museum of Brisbane between 27 April and 14 October 2018.

Brisbane Skyline 2018. Illustrations by Megan McKean, animation by Link Interactive.

MoB Kids

Budding architects can create their dream Queenslander using a template designed by artist Megan McKean. The distinctive architecture of Brisbane’s timber and tin homes has had a whimsical makeover by McKean Studio in this DIY art project where you colour, cut and build a three-dimensional paper house.


About Megan McKean

Megan McKean is a designer, illustrator and author with a multidisciplinary practice that spans painting, drawing, digital print, animation, lettering and merchandise design.

In 2018, MoB commissioned Megan to bring her passion for place, colour and whimsy to our exhibition BRISTOPIA. Megan illustrated an immersive Brisbane cityscape that highlighted our many landmarks.

Megan’s BRISTOPIA celebrates the everyday with a joyous curiosity and fascination for how Brisbane’s environment has shaped its history and the remarkable narratives of generations of people.

Her extensive professional collaborations include The National Gallery of Australia, Frankie Magazine, Kate Spade New York, The National Gallery of Victoria, The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Happy Socks, and Play-Doh.  Her Hello…! series of children’s book (2009 – present) were published by Thames and Hudson, Australia and were shortlisted for various awards including Children’s Book of the Year and Best Designed Children’s Series.

Megan McKean. Courtesy the artist.

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