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Social Story: Visiting Museum of Brisbane

Welcome to Museum of Brisbane. We are located on Level 3, City Hall in Brisbane City.

I will enter Museum of Brisbane via the King George Square entrance. I will see staff sitting at a desk and a COVID Check-In sign.  I will check in using the app on my device.

To get to the Museum, I will use the lift located to my right through a set of doors.  If I am unsure, I can ask City Hall staff at the concierge desk on the ground floor for directions.

Once I enter the lift, I will select Level 3. I will see a label beside the button that says “Museum of Brisbane”.


When I arrive on Level 3, I see there are lockers in front of me where I can safely leave my belongings if I would like to.

I can also take my belongings with me into the Museum, but cannot take any large bags, food or drink.


The next room has a desk where friendly staff can help me check in and book a tour.

I will come back here if I decide to join a Clock Tower Tour.

I will enter the Museum by walking down the left side of the hall.  I will see a shop to my left.


I can look in the shop now or I can look in the shop on my way back.

I walk down the next hallway with dark walls to enter the gallery spaces. I notice the toilet to my right.

There are glass doors that open on their own.  I go through them to see the exhibitions.


In the Museum, I can look closely at the art and objects but I won’t touch them as they are very fragile.


The Perspectives of Brisbane exhibition is straight ahead. It is dark and I can hear a video playing.


The Storytellers exhibition is to the right.  I can hear lots of stories being spoken through the speakers.

I might need to put my noise-cancelling headphones on, and that’s ok. I can listen to the stories on my own device if I would like to.

If I would like help accessing the audio on my phone, I can ask a staff member.


People like it when others talk quietly in the museum so they can focus.

To get to the other exhibitions, I will need to walk through Perspectives of Brisbane or The Storytellers.

The next exhibitions are quiet. They are called Dylan Mooney: Blak Superheroes and carriers of memory.

There are two large windows in this space so I can look outside.


I can sit down in this space too.


The exhibition in the next space is called City in the Sun.  I can see a video playing and hear the audio.

The sound in this exhibition is on loop. I might need to wear my noise-cancelling headphones while I walk through the space and that is ok.


There is a lot to explore in this exhibition.  I might want to wear tinted glasses when I look at some of the art and that’s ok.

There is a large flashing work to the right as you enter.

There is a dark room in this exhibition.  I can choose to go in or walk around.


There is a brightly coloured artwork at the end.  There is a video, sound, flashing lights and soft objects. I may want to wear my tinted glasses.

I can touch the objects gently and sit carefully on the swing if I choose.

If I want to leave the Museum, I need to go back the way I came.

I can ask a staff member in a black uniform if I would like some help. They roam around the Museum. Here they are in front of the sign at the entrance.

Staff members wear radios. Sometimes, I can hear them talk on their radio.


When I leave the Museum, I will collect my things if I used a locker and exit down the lifts.

I will press the down-pointing arrow button located beside the lift and wait for the doors to open.

When I enter the lift, I will go to the panel of buttons on the left and press “G” for ground floor. This will take me down to the main foyer of City Hall, where I can exit the building the same way I came in.

For more information about Museum access, click the black button below.