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Social Story: Visiting Museum of Brisbane

Welcome to Museum of Brisbane. We are located on Level 3, City Hall in Brisbane City.

I will enter Museum of Brisbane via the King George Square entrance.

To get to the Museum, I will use the lift located to my right through a set of doors.  If I am unsure, I can ask City Hall staff at the concierge desk on the ground floor for directions.

Once I enter the lift, I will select Level 3. I will see a label beside the button that says “Museum of Brisbane”.


When I arrive on Level 3, I see there are lockers in front of me where I can safely leave my belongings if I would like to.

I can also take my belongings with me into the Museum, but cannot take any large bags, food or drink.


The next room has a desk where friendly staff who can help me book a tour.

I will come back here if I decide to join a Clock Tower Tour.

I will enter the Museum by walking down the left side of the hall.  I will see a shop to my left.


I can look in the shop now or I can look in the shop on my way back.

I walk down the next hallway with purple walls to enter the gallery spaces. I notice the toilet to my right.

There are glass doors that open on their own.  I go through them to see the exhibitions.

After I walk through the glass doors, I can choose to explore either the green room featuring Perspectives of Brisbane or the red room featuring Making Place: 100 Views of Brisbane first.

In the Museum, I can look closely at the art and objects but I won’t touch them as they are very fragile.


To enter Making Place: 100 Views of Brisbane, I turn right after reading the white text. The exhibition space has low lighting.

There is sound in this space that includes bird noises, sirens and traffic. I may need to put on my noise cancelling headphones, and that’s ok.


When I enter Making Place: 100 Views of Brisbane, I notice long information booths in the centre of the room.

At the information booths, I can read the exhibition text, scan QR codes to access Auslan translations or audio descriptions, open drawers and pick up a room sheet.

The room sheet explains where artworks are positioned in the exhibition.


Making Place also features two seats in the centre of the room. I can sit and look at the artworks here.

Once I have finished looking at Making Place, I can either leave through the door I came to view Perspectives of Brisbane or I can leave through the large door to view Dylan Mooney: Blak Superheroes. 



The Perspectives of Brisbane exhibition is dark and I can hear a video playing.

I may need to put on my noise cancelling headphones, and that’s ok.


People like it when others talk quietly in the museum so they can focus.

To get to the other exhibitions, I can walk through Perspectives of Brisbane.


There are two large windows in this space so I can look outside.

I can sit down in this space too.


The next space is currently closed while the Museum build a new exhibition. I may be able to hear construction noises and I might need to wear my noise-cancelling headphones.

If I want to leave the Museum, I need to go back the way I came.

I can ask a staff member in a black uniform if I would like some help. They roam around the Museum. Here they are in front of the sign at the entrance.

Staff members wear radios. Sometimes, I can hear them talk on their radio.


When I leave the Museum, I will collect my things if I used a locker and exit down the lifts.

I will press the down-pointing arrow button located beside the lift and wait for the doors to open.

When I enter the lift, I will go to the panel of buttons on the left and press “G” for ground floor. This will take me down to the main foyer of City Hall, where I can exit the building the same way I came in.

For more information about Museum access, click the black button below.