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Helena Wang


A response to Laura Patterson’s Family Portrait, The Audience and Gully Sentinels (2021) composed by Helena Wang.

Revert by Helena Wang from Camerata’s City in the Sun, performed at Museum of Brisbane. Musicians: Alice Buckingham, Anna Colville, Brendan Joyce, Elias Kokkoris, Helena Wang, Jason Tong, Jonny Ng and Katherine Philp. Filmed by Vanessa van Dalsen. Audio by Luke Woollett.

About Helena’s piece

“My response to Laura Patterson’s series draws inspiration from her use of Victorian symbolism and nature. The intention is to invert the image; while I play Fantasia on Greensleeves by Ralph Vaughan Williams (to echo Patterson’s use of Victorian frame), all the other players surround me with slow, unfurling tones that represent the ferns of the rainforest. The other players are free to improvise the sounds of nature in response to each other, the way a rainforest is loud in its own indiscernible way. My hope is to reverse the captivity of nature; I symbolise antiquity and am surrounded, supported, and “framed” by the sounds of nature.”

– Helena Wang

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