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Figurines made at Shankar's International Dolls Museum Workshop, Collection of Logan City Historical Museum. Photo: MoB. 


What makes a collection?

This summer Museum of Brisbane is giving you the keys to some of the most awe-inspiring collections across our amazing city. An irresistible array of breathtaking curiosities, Precious brings together thousands of remarkable items from more than 20 public and private collections.

From textiles to tin-toys, micro-architectural marvels to marine treasures, this exhibition is a joyful celebration of the art of assemblage. We invite you to immerse yourself into the incredible stories of some of the prolific collectors of Brisbane, and get to know what makes a keepsake and collectible truly Precious.

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  • Date & Time
    Opens November 2024
  • Tickets
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  • Location
    Level 3, City Hall
  • Ages
    Suitable for all ages
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