MoB Learn inspires curiosity and creativity for students of all ages with up-to-date curriculum-aligned excursions, incursions and tailored programs.

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MoB offers a range of art and history programs designed for families and educators. Whether you're looking to inspire a little artist or encourage a student to develop a new skill, our friendly and accessible gallery space welcomes visitors of all ages.

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Looking for places to visit in Brisbane? Find us on Level 3, City Hall. To access our gallery, enter through the King George Square foyer and take the lift to Level 3.

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MoB Learn fosters the next generation of curious and creative thinkers through highly immersive programs and workshops.

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Looking for unique products designed by emerging artists or renowned creatives? MoB Shop is proud to stock a contemporary range of bespoke pieces made by artists living in Queensland, Australia. Grow your modern art collection by visiting MoB Shop in-store or online today.

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Museum of Brisbane is a social history museum and art gallery in Brisbane, Queensland.

Located on Level 3, City Hall, MoB brings our city’s vibrant art, culture and history to life through exhibitions, events, workshops, tours, and MoB Kids activities.