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Lloyd Rees | Drawings from the Collection
Explore Lloyd Rees' earliest recorded sketches
A Taste of Brisbane: Food & Art
Explore Brisbane artists influenced by food culture
The View From Here
Explore the photographs of Alfred Elliott
Share Your Still Life Challenge
Create a still life and share it with us!
MoB Kids: Fruity Faces Collage
Free MoB Kids Activity!
MoB Kids: History Detective
Free MoB Kids Activity!
Food & Art: Marian Drew
Learn more about artist Marian Drew
Food & Art: Elizabeth Willing
Learn more about artist Elizabeth Willing
Artists @ Home
Meet Our MoB Artists @ Home
Food & Art: Sean Rafferty
Learn more about artist Sean Rafferty
Food Futures
Explore our interactives and play with your food!
Share Your #ViewFromHereBrisbane
Share a snapshot of your view
Food & Art: Carol McGregor
Learn more about artist Carol McGregor
MoB Makers: Isopet
Create a self-soothing tactile sculpture with artist Michelle Vine! Free
Explore design, craft, technology and art
A Taste of Brisbane
Explore the history and culture of food in Brisbane
Easton Pearson Archive
Visit the Easton Pearson Archive online!
MoB Makers: Painting Portraits with Tori-Jay Mordey
Discover your inner artist in this workshop series with artist Tori-Jay Mordey! Free
Q&A: Craig & Karl
Learn more about the genre-hoppers Craig & Karl
Jhindu-Pedro Lawrie Profile
Learn more about artist Jhindu-Pedro Lawrie
MoB Kids: Colour in with Craig & Karl
Free MoB Kids Activity!
Float Little Boat Float by Jhindu-Pedro Lawrie
Listen to Jhindu-Pedro Lawrie share the language of his ancestors
MoB Kids: Pineapple Plushie
Free MoB Kids Activity!
A Taste of Brisbane: 20 Foodie Facts
Explore Brisbane food culture!
Remembering the First World War
Remembering the First World War
Q&A: Nicolette Johnson
Learn more about ceramicist Nicolette Johnson
MoB Makers: Sending Love from Afar
MoB Makers Activity with Greer Townshend
Q&A: Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan
Discover a world of sculptural installation
MoB Kids: Moki Bands
Free MoB Kids Activity!
Alethea Beetson | Reflections on MoB residency and City Hall
Alethea reflects on her residency and City Hall
Brisbane City Hall: An Icon
Explore the history of Brisbane City Hall
Brisbane City Hall: Style and Structure
Learn about the ambitious design of City Hall
MoB Kids: Build Your Own LEGO Clock Tower
Free MoB Kids Activity!