Museum of Brisbane

Sunday Stories | Space City

Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away… in greater Brisbane, Kallangur… a series of futuristic domes formed the Space City Shopping Centre complex. Built in 1978 on Anzac Avenue, and housing a fully functional shopping complex, Space City was the first instance that the Bini-Shell dome was used for commercial development in Australia. Italian architect Dante Bini created the Bini-Shell in the 1960’s: a concrete dome created using a huge inflated balloon and a poured a concrete shell. This futuristic venture failed to be profitable, with the population at the time still growing and unable to support the scale of the development. The centre eventually closed and was vacant before eventually being demolished. Many stories of Space City remain as part this incredible Brisbane moment in history: shopping attendants dressed in space costume, adventures in the empty domes by neighbourhood kids, games using the acoustics of the domes. Do you have memories of Space City?

Images: Pat Fairhall Collection: Moreton Bay Regional Council & Queensland Places
Aerial video still: Kallangur History