Museum of Brisbane

Meet MoB: Jamie Spiers


Go behind the scenes to meet the passionate and diverse people who help to bring our city’s stories to life at Museum of Brisbane. In this edition, we introduce you to Jamie Spiers, our team’s Design and Production Lead. Jamie collaborates with architects, designers and the curatorial team to design and build our exhibitions. Jamie can often be found designing the layout of our next exhibition or on a scissor lift inside the galleries. Find out more about Jamie and what a day in his life looks like.


What does a day in the life of a Design and Production Lead look like?

At 7am I begin crunching through a long list of jobs that range from maintenance of the gallery spaces, organising casual staff for upcoming shows or pre-builds, contacting suppliers for materials and, my favourite, modelling exhibition designs on the computer and producing nice visualisations just to name a few.


How did you develop an interest in building and design?

I have always worked in design and production roles in jobs like Set builder, cabinetmaker, interior design and I even did a bit of work as a welder for the film set Ghost Rider. I am very passionate about the built environment and love to see great design in operation. I am a tactile person and dream of bringing large lumps of timber or slabs of steel into the museum.


What is a secret talent we wouldn’t know about you?

After graduating from Uni in Newcastle-upon-Tyne I joined a street theatre company called Neighbourhood Watch Stilts and toured the world as a Stiltwalker, Green Man, Pyrotechnician and production/technical fabricator.


What is your favourite artwork currently exhibited at the Museum?

I have many favourites at the moment that although they are tied to how the artwork is presented, I love the staging for the sculptures in New Woman and the recessed cases with internal lighting for the shield and the basket in Perspectives Of Brisbane. The artwork that speaks to me most strongly is probably Davida Allen’s work in New Woman. I love the child-like marks that seem to talk directly to the unconscious, not locked down to this material existence, as with the work of Karen Black.


– Jamie Spiers, Design and Production Lead