Museum of Brisbane

Meet MoB: Daniel Templeman


Our Meet MoB series introduces you to the passionate people who keep Museum of Brisbane ticking. From curators, educators and arts marketers, to retail coordinators, installers and gallery hosts, meet the diverse team-members who help bring our city’s stories to life at the Museum. This week, we introduce you to our team’s newest recruit – Daniel Templeman, BRISBANE ART DESIGN Executive Producer.


What does the day in the life of the BRISBANE ART DESIGN (BAD) Executive Producer look like?

By listening to the sector, I can shape BAD into an event that not only showcases our city’s talent, but also creates new opportunities, collaborations, partnerships and audiences. These first steps are about considering how BAD can curate a set of experiences that compel audiences to explore Brisbane through the creative lens.


Can you tell us a bit about your personal background? What led you to your current role at MoB?

I have been a practicing artist since the mid-90’s, best know for my public artworks. I have also worked across the gallery and arts administration spectrum.

I choose to do BAD because the event has such potential to propel the careers of those local artists and designers who choose Brisbane. The inaugural BAD changed perceptions, the anticipation around BAD 2021 and surprise it will bring fuels my day.


Everyone has a secret talent! What is a fun fact or talent we wouldn’t necessarily know about you?

Having three sisters, I am very good at shopping and know all the words to every Madonna song, pre-Ray of Light.


What was your favourite part of BAD 2019? Why?

Seeing the BAD logo everywhere and knowing how much awareness it alone created. The clever, mildly irreverent and playful festival name and branding was a game changer, and perfect for where we are now.


– Daniel Templeman, BRISBANE ART DESIGN Executive Producer