Museum of Brisbane

Collecting starts at any age

When you’re young, collecting can seem so natural.

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You go to the beach on holiday and pick up shells to take home, you see a bird’s feather on the ground and sneak it into your bag, you nag your parents to buy you the next magazine or card in a series. But what about the more unique collections which form out of a passion? Our friend Mitch is five and ever since coming to the Museum and going up the clock tower, he has loved City Hall and collected everything he could relating to it.

Above is his collection, which he stores in the cardboard shoe box in the picture above. It includes tickets from every clock tour tour he has taken, the self-guided City Hall tour map, a souvenir spoon with City Hall on it, postcards and brochures, as well as a fantastic drawing by Mitch. He also has a few other items that can’t fit into the box, including the City Hall tea towel which sits proudly on his bedroom wall.

We are very impressed with his collection and can’t wait to see how it grows. We have been told he has another favourite icon in Brisbane, the Story Bridge, so we understand a new collection is already forming. Good luck Mitch!

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