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Sunday Stories | First Hairdressing Apprentice Instructor

Sunday Stories | First Hairdressing Apprentice Instructor, 1950’s

Featured in the Courier Mail, 1950 – Brisbane Girl Will Teach Hairdressers, Central Technical College, Brisbane

A girl whose earliest memories are of pinning up her doll’s hair into elaborate styles has reached the pinnacle of her career in hairdressing – she has been appointed first instructress for apprentice hairdressers in Queensland.

She is Miss Norma Davie, who has been selected by the State Government to be women’s hairdressing instructress to Brisbane’s 140 apprentices at a salary of £505 to £605.

Her rooms an equipment are ready at the Central Technical College, George Street, and in three weeks’ time she will commence on two-hourly lessons, one day a week, according to the syllabus drawn up by the Government. “There’ll be no more trial and error in our beauty salons by the time these young apprentices have completed their five-year course at the ‘tech'” Miss Davie said yesterday. “First they will fully understand the hair as part of the body, then the use of chemical on hair,” she said. The course will include permanent waving, cutting, tinting, bleaching, hair styling, face massage, and beauty treatment. Salon etiquette will have an important place among the first lessons.

Courtesy of Qld State Archives and the Courier Mail