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Making Place: 100 Views of Brisbane at Museum of Brisbane.

Making Place: 100 Views of Brisbane

Explore 100 artworks from our Collections.

Place, in Brisbane, is not a static thing. We are at a crucial point in Brisbane’s urban development, with extreme changes to the city predicted over the next decade.

With the city we know shifting so rapidly, this is the ideal moment to ask—what makes a place? Which sites are significant for individuals and communities and why? Are the landmarks we recognise as characterising the city today the same landmarks we’ll see in the future? And can memories make a place?

With these questions front of mind, Making Place presents more than 100 historical and contemporary depictions of the Brisbane region from our Collections. We invite you to explore our ever-changing city through new eyes: from the past, to the present and into the future.

Become immersed in a newly commissioned sound artwork by Artist in Residence Lawrence English, Site Listening : Brisbane, that captures the city’s many soundscapes and surround yourself in the textures and nuance of Jenna Lee’s installation, Growing Place, illustrating her insightful reflection on ‘place’.

Making Place features audio descriptions and Auslan translations which can be accessed on your device here.

Artists featured include Judy Watson, Richard Randall, Noel McKenna, William Bustard, Vida Lahey, Jane Grealy, Danie Mellor, Kenneth Jack, Sam Fulbrook, Charles Lancaster, Robert Brownhall, Margaret Olley, Stephen Nothling, Margaret Cilento, Lloyd Rees, Paul DaviesMia Boe and more.

Exhibition Partners

Artist in Residence: Lawrence English

In a program first, Lawrence English’s residency at Museum of Brisbane is taking place offsite as the artist explores Brisbane in search of its sound.

During the residency, composer, curator and sound artist Lawrence English has been developing Site Listening : Brisbane, a newly commission sound artwork for Making Place: 100 Views of Brisbane, as well as a self-guided tour that invites you to explore Brisbane beyond the walls of MoB.

MoB’s Artist in Residence program is supported by Tim Fairfax AC.


Artist Lawrence English recording sounds in the Australian bush
Lawrence English. Photo: Greg Harm.