Learning is at the heart of Museum of Brisbane. Extend your skills and knowledge through creative-led experiences and learn more about our city!

MoB Learn Workshops

MoB Learn offers a variety of Learn Workshops for primary and secondary year students, teachers and educators to enhance and extend opportunities to engage with Museum of Brisbane’s program including exhibitions, artists, tours and workshops.
Grades 4 - 8
Primary & Secondary
Finding Your Motif
Students learn about the traditional techniques and designs that underpin the creation of beautiful tapa bark cloth, an art form that is practiced across the islands of Polynesia.
Grades 7 - 12
Primary & Secondary
Sharing Human Stories of Forced Migration
In this MoB Learn Workshop,  middle and senior students explore how photographic portraiture can deepen our understanding of personal stories of forced migration and deportation.
Grades 7 - Tertiary
Brisbane City Vibes
In this MoB Learn Workshop, secondary students are invited to design and share their own creative endorsement of Brisbane City.
Foundation - 3
Bouncing Light
When children take part in Bouncing Light, they will enter a wonderland filled with glow, shadows and ripples of light.
Foundation - Tertiary
All Ages
Tailored Experiences
Plan a museum experience for your students to complete a targeted learning goal.