Museum of Brisbane

Sitting for Stephen

20 beautiful hand-carved figures by Stephen Hart are currently on display in the Museum for Fellow Humans. One of Hart’s subjects, Gavin Bannerman, shares his behind-the-scenes experience of sitting for an artist.

I’ve known Stephen Hart since 2004, when I started dating his daughter. He’s my father-in-law. I felt very honoured to be asked to sit for one of Stephen’s sculptures. Our son Vincent had just been born and the opportunity to capture that brief moment in time, when he was just this little bundle, was extremely special.

We visited Stephen for one main sitting. He photographed me holding Vincent (who was only a few months old at the time) on a rotation. He took a few more detailed photos of various features, for example my hands or Vincent’s legs. Then we visited Stephen a few more times in his studio when he was producing the maquette and then the final work. We’d sit in a chair and try to be as still as possible.

We attended the opening and have been back a few times since. It’s been fascinating seeing the figure evolve to the finished product. It is eerie seeing a figure of yourself, seeing what the back of your head actually looks like. I really love the work, I think it captures me as a new Dad perfectly.

Stephen Hart: Fellow Humans runs until 2 March 2014.