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Artist Profile: Phoebe Paradise

Phoebe Paradise
is a punk designer, artist and musician born and raised in Brisbane. Known for her eclectic DIY aesthetic, her bold creations range from maxi dresses to socks featuring striking prints, patterns and motifs that are a reflection of the social and political climate. Brisbane has remained a constant influence throughout Phoebe’s collections, collaborating with local musicians and venues as well as MoB Shop on merchandise in response to High Rotation.


You are an artist, designer and musician. We would love to know what makes you tick? What inspires you every day to create?

The thing that motivates me most is knowing how bloody good I’ve got it. Working for yourself comes with so many challenges (mostly financial) but the freedom it affords is second to none. Getting up every morning and making stuff is the best job in the world.


Talk us through your creation for High Rotation currently for sale in MoB Shop? What influences helped sparked the inspiration for the tote?

VERY excited about this piece! I was asked by MoB to design a piece of merch that reflected High Rotation and my experience with live music. I decided to illustrate a performer, flexing like hell and owning the stage – something I love to see women do every single weekend in Brisbane. Amy from Amyl in the Sniffers is totally a muse for me at the moment and I feel like her high energy and strength is coming through in all of my drawings.


Favourite song by a Brisbane musician and why?

I know this is cheating but the entirety of The End of Everything album by The Keep on Dancins’. Honourable mention to Sweet Baby. Incredibly nostalgic, beautifully written bawl-your-eyes out sad pop music.

The Keep on Dancins’ were the first live band I saw when I moved back to Brisbane after living in Melbourne for a spell and it’s an extremely visceral memory that I like to pull out of my pocket every now and then.


What does a typical day in your studio/shop look like (if there is such thing as a typical day?)

At the moment there isn’t too much of a typical day, you nailed it. That’s nice though, the variety keeps me sane. I’ve got an order packing station, an ‘office’ station with my computer, an ‘arting’ station for painting & customising works, and then my beloved gigantic wacom for all the digital side projects. My day will consist of sliding between all of these roles the Paradise brand has created. It’s always chaos but always fun too.


Any upcoming projects, collaborations you would like to share with us? Something new you are working on

I’m working on a photography series with my good mate James Hornsby, dressing and interviewing friends and performers in custom pieces. This will be a slow burn but I’m super excited about it. Other than that, I encourage everyone to keep an eye out for a small range drop in time for Christmas.


Images courtesy Phoebe Sheehy.