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Tides of Brisbane: Historic Boat Tour Social Story

Thanks for joining us for a Tides of Brisbane: Historic Boat Tour.

We invite you to use this Social Story to help navigate to the boat pick up and drop off point.

Arriving at the City Botanic Gardens Jetty

To arrive at the City Botanic Gardens Jetty, I will cross the road at the Edward Street and Alice Street lights. Please note, there is currently construction under way.


To enter the City Botanic Gardens, I will navigate past the construction through the Edward Street gates. When I enter, I notice a green sign to my right which reads “Edward Street Entry”.


After I enter the gates, I will navigate to the first set of chairs located under the trees directly ahead of me. My tour guide will be waiting patiently to check me in. If I would like to, I can take a seat on one of the chairs.


Once my tour guide has checked the full tour group in, I will follow them along the pathway that leads down to the jetty.



I will make sure to use the right side of the path, out of the way of cyclists.  When I arrive at the jetty, I will see a large sign that reads “City Botanic Gardens River Hub”.


I will follow the path down to the jetty. I can choose to use the set of stairs or the ramp.   There are no handrails, so I will stick to the centre of the jetty. I may notice it rises and falls as river traffic drives past.


The boat is parked on the far end of the jetty. To access the boat, I can choose to use the set of stairs or the ramp.


When getting on the boat, I will carefully step onto the boat following staff instructions. I can choose whichever seat I would like to sit in.



I am now ready to sail through history!