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MoB Learn Workshops
Sebastian Moody in his studio. Photo: Charlie Hillhouse. 

Brisbane City Vibes

In this MoB Learn Workshop, secondary students are invited to design and share their own creative endorsement of Brisbane City.

Students will create either an artwork or a marketing product, drawing inspiration from local artist Sebastian Moody’s body of work.

Brisbane City Vibes with Sebastian Moody is a workshop that presents students with a feasible, creative industries scenario as a stimulus.  Students are first invited to work individually, to engage their imagination and memories in a search for inspiration. Then working in groups, they are challenged to create, reflect on, and share media artworks that respond to this brief. Finally, students analyse how their works convey meaning and impact audiences.

The Learn Workshops provides students with an authentic opportunity to engage with both the practical and philosophical dimensions of creative work in media arts. Ultimately, they are offered the opportunity to develop new insights into the roles of emotion and aesthetics in both art making and marketing.

The Brisbane City Vibes workshop invites students to be inspired by Sebastian’s artwork Sunshine Psychology (2021), exhibited as part of the City in the Sun exhibition.

This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

  • Audience

    Grades 7 – Tertiary

  • Curriculum Areas

    Design and Technologies, Design, Media Arts, Social and Community Studies and Visual Arts

  • Fees

    Without artist (20 students)


    With artist (20 students)


    Supervising adults

    *all fees are GST inclusive.

    MoB Learn Offer
    Book two or more groups on the same day, receive a 20% discount on your booking.

  • Duration

    1 – 2 hours

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