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Fractured Dreams & Indefinite Scars  2021 at Museum of Brisbane 2021. Photo: Charlie Hillhouse.

Sharing Human Stories of Forced Migration

In this MoB Learn Workshop,  middle and senior students explore how photographic portraiture can deepen our understanding of personal stories of forced migration and deportation.

Offering young people the opportunity to engage in both hands-on visual arts practice, as well as facilitated discussion, the workshop creates a space for growth and critical reflection.

Students are supported to consider the changes in perspective that can result from engaging with human stories using aesthetic tools. This means that themes such as identity, representation, citizenship status, belonging and exclusion may be viewed in a new light.

Drawing on the outcomes of Tammy Law’s MoB Residency, students are exposed in this Learn Workshop to a unique collection of stimuli where they may employ the language of photographic portraiture in conversation with social history.

When speaking to the purpose of her residency Tammy said, “Fractured Dreams & Indefinite Scars aims to inspire an awareness, instigate conversations and encourage deeper understanding around how forced migration is experienced by not only the individual, but also their families and the community that surrounds them.”

Tammy Law: Fractured Dreams & Indefinite Scars was part of BrisAsia Festival 2021. The exhibition and residency was presented by Brisbane City Council in partnership with Museum of Brisbane.

MoB’s Artist in Residence program is supported by Tim Fairfax AC.

  • Audience

    Grades 7 – 12

  • Curriculum Areas

    Design and Technologies, Design, Digital Technologies, Media Arts, Social and Community Studies, Visual Arts

  • Fees

    Excursion (20 students)

    Supervising adults

    *all fees are GST inclusive.

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  • Duration

    1 – 2 hours

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