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Sam Tupou in his studio. Photo: Charlie Hillhouse. 

Finding Your Motif

Students are invited to use motifs to create a tapa cloth style artwork.

Drawing inspiration from local artist Sam Tupou, and his work featured in the City in the Sun exhibition, participants in this Learn Workshop are invited to use motifs inspired by the natural and built environment to create a tapa cloth style artwork.

In the workshop, young designers are nurtured through a creative intensive. They are presented with a range of stimulus drawn from the natural and built environment in Brisbane.  In the process of producing an original artwork, students also learn about the use of grids, symmetry, repetition and restricted colour palettes in visual design.

Students learn about how traditional tapa cloth methods and products continue to be meaningfully incorporated into cultural practices across the Pacific Islands and among the diasporas. They learn how tapa cloth designs, techniques and symbolism continues to inspire contemporary artists.

There is the option for the workshop to include a live presentation by the artist, depending on availability.

  • Audience

    Grades 4 – 8

  • Curriculum Areas

    Design and Technologies, Visual Arts and History

  • Fees

    Without artist (20 students)


    With artist (20 students)


    Supervising adults

    *all fees are GST inclusive.

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  • Duration

    1 hour

  • Options


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