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A girl with red hair is wearing a white jumpsuit with lemons all over it and facing sideways. Behind her, there is a red wall featuring thirteen paintings. Most of them are hung on the wall, though there are 3 sitting on plinths.
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Artist Lawrence English recording sounds in the Australian bush
Site Listening : Brisbane
Explore the sites and sounds of Brisbane.
Life in Irons
Personal accounts, historical objects, contemporary art and immersive technologies provided insight into life in the Moreton Bay Penal Colony settlement.
The Storytellers
The Storytellers uncovered the hidden histories, myths and tales of Brisbane as told by nine of the city’s contemporary writers.
City in the Sun
City in the Sun provided playful reinterpretations, evocative re-imaginings and quiet reflections, proposing exciting images of Brisbane’s subtropical identity today.
People walking through bright geometric archways
Bauhaus Now: art+design+architecture
Discover how revolutionary ideas of the Weimar Republic in Germany influenced modernist art, design and architecture in Brisbane and Australia.
Brisbane City Clock Tower inside mechanism
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Boy Swallows Universe Clock Tower Tour
Inspired by events featured in Trent Dalton’s novel Boy Swallows Universe, join our MoB Tour Guide for a virtual tour of the Clock Tower.
One Million Stars to End Violence
In 2017, Museum of Brisbane committed to weaving 10,000 stars in support of the One Million Stars to End Violence project, founded by weaving artist Maryann Talia Pau with her husband and Indigenous leader Mark Yettica-Paulson.
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Catch up on RMXTV!
100% Brisbane
This exhibition pulled back the layers of our city, going beneath the surface to discover the real heart of Brisbane.
A Taste of Brisbane
Explore the history and culture of food in Brisbane's changing landscape.
Remembering the First World War
The First World War erupted in Europe on 4 August 1914. Across Australia the call to arms was sounded.
OPEN SOURCE celebrates the open source ethos distinct to Brisbane’s creative communities – the processes of collaborating, crossing disciplines and consciously sourcing materials.
The Designers’ Guide: Easton Pearson Archive
Easton Pearson, created by Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson, was one of Australia’s most successful fashion houses. The Designers’ Guide: Easton Pearson Archive featured 200 garments and showcased the remarkable talent that grew right here in Brisbane.