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Sean Rafferty, Market Place (detail) 2017, giclee prints on paper on cardboard, timber and acrylic. Photo: Carl Warner. Courtesy the artist.

Tastes like Sunshine

A flavoursome journey through Brisbane’s abundant food stories, history and culture.

Tastes like Sunshine explored the flavoursome side of our city’s character and revealed its rich and evolving food story through contemporary art, personal stories, historical documents and images.

Featuring exciting new artwork and installations by acclaimed artists Elizabeth Willing, Sean Rafferty and Carol McGregor, Tastes like Sunshine engaged all five senses in an interactive experience that challenged visitors’ pre-existing notions of food.

How we engage with food is a reflection of our culture, background and aspirations. Our region’s Aboriginal food culture and the influence of immigration have impacted not just our city’s food palate, but how we live. This mouth-watering exhibition explored the rich history of our city’s iconic produce markets, Brisbane’s pivotal role in launching the state’s sugar industry, and how the introduction of new crops had domestic cooks experimenting with new methods and creations.

Visitors to Tastes Like Sunshine experienced food in a new light and got a taste of Brisbane like never before.

Discover Carol McGregor’s artwork
Members of Brisbane’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community came together with artist Carol McGregor to create a collaborative possum skin cloak, which was displayed in the exhibition.

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