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The Storytellers at Museum of Brisbane. Photo: Toby Scott.

The Storytellers

The Storytellers uncovered the hidden histories, myths and tales of Brisbane as told by nine of the city’s contemporary writers.

Brisbane has played host to conflict, celebration, scandal, disaster, ceremony and transformative moments. Through fact and fiction, The Storytellers revealed the layers of Brisbane’s history, providing different perspectives and a deeper, human interpretation of our city as told by nine award-winning writers.

Featuring new stories by Victoria Carless, Simon Cleary, Matthew Condon, Trent Dalton, Nick Earls, Benjamin Law, Hugh Lunn, Kate Morton and Ellen van Neerven, The Storytellers was an immersive and interactive experience combining historical objects, artworks and written and narrated histories to share Brisbane’s many identities.

The Storytellers captured the imagination of visitors of all ages and was complemented by an augmented reality experience created by Artists in Residence, Helena Papageorgiou and Kellie O’Dempsey.

The Storytellers won a national MAGNA award and was staged from 17 July 2020 – 23 January 2022.

The Storytellers at Museum of Brisbane. Video: PixelFrame.

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The Storytellers: Next Chapter

In late 2021, The Storytellers was transformed into The Storytellers: Next Chapter.

The exhibition burst to life with creativity, colour and crafting chaos for 43 days of non-stop fun. Visitors were encouraged to let their imagination run wild as they crafted handmade sunflowers, drew on the Museum walls and helped a flock of Ibis take over the city.

Full Bloom Sunflower Wall

A sunflower is a joyful bloom. With that in mind, they offered the perfect stimuli for our Full Bloom Sunflower Wall.  Inspired by the themes presented in The Storytellers exhibition around migrant gardens and the home, we sort to include our wider arts community.

For a month, we watched on as people came together to get crafty and to share skills, while others used the opportunity to challenge themselves, trying out new techniques and materials.

Read the full story and explore the Full Bloom Sunflower Wall project.


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