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The Storytellers

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  • Tues-Sun: 10am-5pm | Mon: School Bookings Only
  • Free
  • Level 3, Brisbane City Hall

The Storytellers uncovers Brisbane’s histories, myths and tales as told by the writers of our city.


The Storytellers: Step into the stories of our city

Uncover Brisbane’s histories, myths and tales as told by the storytellers of our city.

Featuring new stories by Victoria Carless, Simon Cleary, Matthew Condon, Trent Dalton, Nick Earls, Benjamin Law, Hugh Lunn, Kate Morton and Ellen van Neerven, The Storytellers creates an immersive and interactive experience combining historical objects, artworks, and written and narrated histories to share Brisbane’s many identities.

Over the decades, Brisbane has played host to conflict, celebration, scandal, disaster, ceremony and transformative moments. Through fact and fiction, The Storytellers reveals the layers of Brisbane’s history, providing different perspectives and a deeper, human interpretation of our city.

Ever wondered what it would be like to spend a night in Boggo Road Gaol, what Kangaroo Point has to do with kangaroos, or what went on at your Nan’s place during the Second World War? Step into an immersive story book landscape of Brisbane and relax around the kitchen table or take a seat at the tram stop to discover the personal, funny, inspiring and darker stories of Brisbane told by some of the city’s greatest wordsmiths.

The Storytellers captures the imagination of visitors of all ages and is complemented by a program of workshops and events focusing on creative writing and various forms of storytelling.

We invite you to step inside the stories of our city.


Photos by Toby Scott.

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