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The Storytellers: Next Chapter at Museum of Brisbane. Photo: Claudia Baxter.

The Storytellers: Next Chapter

Unlock your creativity this summer!

Creativity, colour and crafting chaos has taken over MoB with The Storytellers: Next Chapter.

Step inside a life-size storybook and fill MoB’s exhibition with colour in this one-of-a-kind interactive museum experience.

Be transported to a riot of art, history and fun as we let your imagination run wild for 43 days of creativity. Plant a crafty creation in our handmade sunflower field, graffiti a cell inside Boggo Road Gaol, flood the walls of our exhibition with your memories and help a flock of ibises take over the city. We’re even letting you draw on our walls!

With a whole bunch of fun art adventures to choose from including:

Help transform our award-winning exhibition into a celebration of community creativity.

Can you help us bring The Storytellers to life?

This event has now ended

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