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Liesel Zink. Image courtesy the artist. 

Artist in Residence: Liesel Zink

Join Liesel Zink in the Museum and ponder what The Future Is… in this special residency project.

Liesel Zink, choreographer, brings people together to create contemporary dance in public spaces. As Artist in Residence, Liesel continues her project The Future Is…, gathering women of different ages and backgrounds in an environment that encourages conversation, nourishment and dreaming. Through a series of ‘pondershops’ (workshops), the women are invited to collectively imagine the possibility of something new, in the context of Liesel’s stimulus, ‘the failed patriarchy’.

The Future Is… is open to anyone who identifies as a girl or woman. Liesel describes the project as ‘deeply and necessarily intersectional’ and says it is designed to ‘stimulate social discourse while restoring women’s confidence and desire to contribute ideas for the future.’

Liesel will work with the participating women to produce ‘movement portraits’. Several of these works-in-progress are displayed on screens at Museum of Brisbane.

If you are interested in getting involved, Liesel is regularly in residence to discuss the project. Over three weekends, Saturday Gatherings will see different community groups come together in the Dome Gallery and take part in gentle movement workshops. There is an open invitation for the public to join in these social Saturday Gatherings.

Liesel will be in residence in the Dome Gallery 2:30pm–4:30pm on:

  • Wednesday 1 November
  • Thursday 2 November
  • Friday 3 November
  • Saturday 4 November
  • Wednesday 8 November
  • Thursday 9 November
  • Friday 10 November
  • Saturday 11 November
  • Wednesday 15 November
  • Thursday 16 November
  • Friday 17 November
  • Saturday 18 November

Please note: While this residency aims to create a warm and welcoming environment for female and female identifying persons, we understand that the content of this project may feel sensitive for some participants. If you have any direct concerns as a participant and wish to speak to Liesel in advance to ensure that this is the right space for you, please reach out to Liesel via info@museumofbrisbane.com.au.

MoB’s Artist in Residence Program is supported by Tim Fairfax AC. 

The Future Is…. has been developed as part of Force Majeure’s Associate Artist Program. It is also supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland. 

The Future is… is created by Liesel Zink in collaboration with Roxanne McDonald and Ngoc Phan with contributions of women from around Meanjin, Brisbane.
Editing and motion graphics design by Georgie Pinn
Design by Ebony Webb
Graphic Design by Genevieve Ganner
Community Connectors: Drea Lam and Adrianne Jones
Additional Pondershop Collaborators: Emily Burton and Fenlan Chuang

This event has now ended

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About Liesel Zink

Liesel Zink is an award-winning Brisbane-based choreographer of Ukrainian and German descent. Her projects are socially-engaged and  participatory, creating opportunities for artistic, cultural and intergenerational exchange. Liesel often creates large scale performances in public spaces which have been presented around Australia, Asia and Eastern Europe. Liesel trained as a contemporary dancer and has been working in the industry for 15 years, choreographing on professional dancers, actors and non-performers of all ages and experience levels. Her artistic research centers around collectivity and the role it plays in social change. Liesel is currently an Associate Artist of Force Majeure’

Liesel Zink. Image courtesy the artist.