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Food Futures

“We eat and we drink, we feel and we think”
– Bob Dylan, When the Deal Goes Down

Food Futures is a series of interactive installations developed and designed by Inkahoots exploring what we eat, why we eat it, and how our food will change in coming decades. Developed for Museum of Brisbane in 2017, this digital re-imagining of the popular exhibition invites you to step inside the installation and satiate your appetite for play.

Two interactive works, Food Values and Food Impacts, examine our personal values relating to food, and how climate change has and will continue to impact our eating. In this moment of crisis when supply chains are threatened and supermarket shelves are stripped, the future of food is as uncertain as ever. Dig in!

Food Futures at Museum of Brisbane 2017. Photo: Stefan Jannides.
Food Futures at Museum of Brisbane 2017. Photo: Stefan Jannides.

Food Values

Are you a pescatarian when you might be a freegan? A locavore when deep down you are a vegan? Or a carnivore, straight up? How does your actual diet compare to your attitudes?

With Inkahoots’ Food Values Diet Determinator, a series of questions reveals what your diet might be in relation to your core beliefs about food. Find out if your values match your diet by taking the quiz!

Food values - Click here to begin

Food Impacts

The Climate Change Food Impact Image Aggregator plays with the concept of “foodstagramming”. You are invited to submit a photo of your favourite food, which will be collected and displayed in the online interactive. Explore the submitted food images to reveal the impact of climate change on each meal’s key ingredients.

To add your favourite food, you can upload a photo at mymeal.pics
(follow instructions on the web-app).


on Instagram add these four hashtags to your image:

1) #FoodFuturesMoB
2) meal (e.g. #burger)
3) main ingredient (e.g. #beef)
4) your location (e.g. #WestEnd)

Thanks to Food Connect and local farmers, Climate Council of Australia, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne for their content contributions. Additional animation by James Gulliver Hancock and Corey Walker. – Inkahoots

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