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MoB Makers: Sending Love from Afar

  • MoB Makers Activity with Greer Townshend

MoB Makers: Sending Love from Afar

Although we cannot commemorate Anzac Day with memorial services or parades this year, we can still show that we remember, together. Rather than lining the streets in person, let’s do it with our hearts.

Follow Brisbane artist Greer Townshend in this video to learn how to create your own paper heart creation, which you can display on your door or mailbox this Anzac Day.

Using symbols of remembrance associated with the First World War, Greer’s paper- folding activity lets us each commemorate Australian and New Zealand veterans for their service.

Who are you remembering this Anzac Day? If you wish to commemorate someone you know who has served, we encourage you to write their name in the centre of the heart, or you can search for the name of a Queensland soldier to write on your heart here. If there is someone else you’ve lost or are missing, you could include their name as well. Or, you could simply write lest we forget.

To share your heart on social media, caption your photo with #sendinglovefromafar and tag @museumofbrisbane.



  • Our instructional video
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Pen or pencil
  • Blu tack
  • Various Coloured Paper
    • 15 x 15 cm square (this is usual origami size) (for hearts)
    • 7.5 x 7.5 cm square (for hearts)
    • A4 size (for stems)

NOTE: If you don’t have coloured paper at home, you can use wrapping paper, magazines, or tin foil to make the heart flowers. You can also use plain white computer paper and colour it in later.

As an additional activity, try creating a wreathe by folding multiple hearts and attaching them to a cardboard ring.

This video and MoB Makers activity was produced by Greer Townshend.