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Jhindu-Pedro Lawrie Artist

Multidisciplinary artist Jhindu-Pedro Lawrie is a musician, performer, educator and storyteller based in Brisbane.  Jhindu’s Mirning language and culture imbues everything he does with great passion and power and provides him with the impetus to create. With a style that is at once evocative, authentic and full of heart, Jhindu shares song, music and stories with audiences young and old.  Through a process of deep exploration and emotional connection, Jhindu has accumulated a wealth of knowledge of contemporary music, traditional story and law, politics and history.

As a mentor and lead artist at Digi Youth Arts, Jhindu bestows his knowledge, passion and experience to encourage and advocate for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, empowering future arts and cultural leaders. Jhindu’s professional experience includes collaborations with Museum of Brisbane, BlakDance, Backbone Youth Arts, State Library of Queensland, Queensland Performing Arts Centre and Floating Lands. 

Jhindu hosts workshops, performs live music, and delivers arts and cultural programs.  He is a percussionist in numerous bands including The Medics, ELKO FIELDS, and Surfin’ Bird, and often features as a guest alongside his father and respected elder Bunna Lawrie in the multi-award-winning band Coloured Stone. Jhindu has toured national festivals including The Dreaming, Woodford Folk Festival, Peats Ridge, BIGSOUND and Groovin’ the Moo.

Watch Jhindu’s Float Little Boat Float video to learn the story of the river and the sea and follow along as Jhindu shares the language of his ancestors and the importance of caring for place and Country.

Banner Image: Jhindu-Pedro Lawrie performing on stage. Courtesy the artist. | Image (top): Jhindu-Pedro Lawrie performing on stage at Museum of Brisbane in 2019. Photo: MoB. | Image (bottom): Jhindu-Pedro Lawrie and Digi Youth Arts, Float Little Boat Float 2020 (still image), video. Courtesy Jhindu-Pedro Lawrie and Digi Youth Arts.

This video is produced by Jhindu-Pedro Lawrie and Digi Youth Arts. Digi Youth Arts shares the stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people.

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