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Alfred Henrie Elliott, The Observatory on Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill 1895, photograph. City of Brisbane Collection, Museum of Brisbane.


See our city through the eyes of its lively photography community.

As part of our exhibition New Light: Photography Now + Then, members of Brisbane’s photography community were invited to respond to the Elliott Collection. This collection comprises hundreds of photographs largely attributed to amateur photographer, Alfred Elliott (1870-1954). Traversing a variety of subjects, Alfred’s photographs capture Brisbane over a 50-year period (1890-1940).

Photographers of all levels were encouraged to study the photographs Alfred took of Brisbane’s urban landscape and consider his use of subject, composition and light. Then, they were invited to hit the streets and capture their own photograph of Brisbane’s built environment using their favourite camera.

More than 65 photographs were selected to form the Viewfinders display. This display looks beyond Alfred’s singular vision of Brisbane, reflecting the myriad perspectives through which people see and experience our city.

Photographers featured include Alan Gamble, Bailey Hoare, Ben Mills, Benjamin Van Gestel, Brendon Patrick, Carly Wood, Catherine George, Caylie Jeffery, Chris Hagen, Chris Grealy, Christopher Banks, Claudia Baxter, Daniel Kassulke, Delma Newton, Eleonora Deak, Floyd Wilcox, Gail Neumann, George Webster, Heidi den Ronden, Helen Hancock, Hongyuan Xu, Hui Lin, Stacie Ong, Jade Loo, Jade Taniora, Jami Melvin, Jan Figueroa, Jo-Anne Ibell, John Downs, Kailum Graves, Kate Bryan, Kate Travis, Kehl Jones, Kevin Foo, Kim Marston, Kim McHardy, Kyle George, Kyle Wassink, Lachlan Rayner, Lorella Masci, Louie Manning, Maite Hijosa Feijoo, Marc Roberts, Mark Coleman, Michael Rayner, Michael Verhoef, Michaela Bariesheff, Mitchell Reilly, Naomi McKenzie, Natalie Lorenz, Pete Law, Peter Hickson, Phoenix Potoi, Rebecca Phillips, Riley Purcell, Robbie Hume, Robyn Wood, Ronald Maynard, Rosemary Featherstone, Ross Anderson, Sarah O’Neill, Sharde Anne, Steve Swart, Terrence Gillespie, Therese Smith, Thom Ryan, Vince McLachlan, Zachary Yeo and Zhan The.

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    Saturday 17 August 2024 – Sunday 13 July 2025
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