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MoB Makers: Exploring Geometric Sculpure with James and Eleanor Avery.

MoB Makers: Exploring Geometric Sculpture

with James and Eleanor Avery

Construct your very own mini-geometric sculpture with artists James and Eleanor Avery! This activity guides you through creating a model of a sponge inspired by James and Eleanor’s MoB Artists @ Home residency.

You will need:
  • Templates provided in this PDF
  • 6 sheets of A4 paper or card (we used 200 gsm white card)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Ruler
  • Teaspoon for scoring
  • PVA glue
  • Paintbrush for applying glue

During their residency, the artists created the work Sponge on a Stick, as part of their exploration into visual representations of survival strategies and belief systems throughout history. James and Eleanor’s residency artworks used humour and absurdity to contrast the health pandemic while also reflecting its significance as a historical moment. This activity demonstrates how the artists take inspiration from history and symbolism in the creation of new sculptures.


MoB Makers: Exploring Geometric Sculpure with James and Eleanor Avery.

MoB’s Artist in Residence program is supported by Tim Fairfax AC.

MoB Makers

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