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Second World War Brisbane Walking Tour

A city-wide walking tour exploring significant events and sites in Brisbane’s Second World War history from 1939-1942.

This walking tour will immerse your students in a fascinating period of our city’s social history when more than 80,000 American soldiers were stationed in Brisbane during the Second World War. Explore significant historic sites including the headquarters of the Allied Forces in the south-west Pacific, and understand the lasting impact of these events on contemporary Brisbane.


Historical Walking Tour
This guided walking tour of the Brisbane CBD explores the significant sites and locations of historical events during the Second World War period. Locations include the Signature Wall at City Hall, King George Square, ANZAC Square and the Battle of Brisbane. Content is tailored to align with the History curriculum.

Distance: 2km
Difficulty: This tour is suitable for all fitness levels and abilities.

  • Audience

    Grade 10

  • Curriculum Areas


  • Fees

    Tour (15 students)
    $185 per tour

    Supervising adults

    *all fees are GST inclusive.

  • Duration

    1.5 hours

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