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Millie Radovic, Garland Harmony (detail) 2023, acrylic yarn. Photo: MoB

Teen Weavers with Millie Radovic

Calling all crafty teens!

We’re giving you the chance to learn the art of crochet from master yarn artist Millie Radovic! Join us in The Studio for a 2.5 hour workshop where Millie will teach teens how to create a blooming beautiful crochet garland to take home.

All skill levels from absolute beginners to experienced weavers welcome, get hooked on the crochet craze!


This event has now ended
Pink crochet garland on white background
Teen Weavers with Millie Radovic. Photo: MoB

About Millie Radovic

At 81 years of age, Millie Radovic continues to passionately pursue her lifelong love of knitting and crocheting. Though, Millie is not your average crafting hobbyist.  In fact, she’s a highly qualified engineer of textile technology and spent much of her working life leading teams of fibre experts both in Australia and Serbia. The result of which she humbly says allow her to comfortably, “say I know more about natural fibre and synthetic fibres than an average hobbyist.”

Since retiring from her post as Manager of Quality and Control at Morris Woollen Mills in Redbank, Millie has turned her attention to crafting eccentric and eye-catching soft sculptures that enchant art admirers of all ages.

Millie Radovic at Museum of Brisbane 2023. Photo: Claudia Baxter.