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Artists in Residence: Kellie O’Dempsey & Helena Papageorgiou

14 Sept – 27 Sept 2020

Exhibition now closed

From digital art, illustration, animation and installation, artists Kellie O’Dempsey & Helena Papageorgiou will be workshopping ideas that respond directly to The Storytellers exhibition.

Tucked away inside the Studio this September, Artists in Residence, Kellie O’Dempsey and Helena Papageorgiou, are teaming up for a collaborative residency that will form part of the future of The Storytellers exhibition. From their backgrounds in digital art, illustration, animation and installation, the two artists will be workshopping ideas that respond directly to The Storytellers – helping to enhance the experience for audiences and bring Brisbane stories to life.

From augmented reality to animation and experiential digital spaces, Kellie and Helena will add new layers to the exhibition, a process MoB intends to continue with the Artist in Residence program and future projects.

Kellie O’Dempsey develops installations and performances that incorporate projection, video, collage, architectural space, gestural line, performance and digital drawing. She draws on these mediums to generate artworks that are experiential and emergent. Playing with light, line and live performance, Kellie interrogates public and private space as shared experience.

Helena Papageorgiou is an animator, art director, motion designer and projection artist. Helena creates music videos, live visuals and uses augmented reality in her works to create narrative and immersive experiences. From concept to screen, Helena tells stories through movement, image and illustration and has been working in augmented reality to extend storytelling though new and immersive media art.

This event has now ended