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Focus Shift at Museum of Brisbane 2022. Artwork: Carl Warner. Photo: Joe Ruckli.

Focus Shift

How do the mental ‘snapshots’ we take inform our experiences of our city?

When we traverse the city, our eyes adjust like the lens of a camera. Absorbing the scenes around us, we switch our gaze from near to far, collecting visual data to construct an image of place. Memories float across our minds as we go about our current business. The distant and the immediate, the past and the present, constantly interpenetrate and integrate.

Focus Shift showcases Museum of Brisbane Collection works that celebrate Brisbane from completely different perspectives, reflecting the dynamism of our encounters with the city. A selection of panoramas depict an intriguing Brisbane and track its growth from a modest town nestled in the river’s curves to the bustling metropolis we know today. Alongside these works, local artist Carl Warner shifts our focus to the micro aspects of the city through close-ups of one of Brisbane’s most iconic structures, the Story Bridge.

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