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Easton PearsonArdo Shirt (detail), Spring Summer 2002, cotton patchwork with sequins. Photo: Carl Warner. Donated by Dr Paul Eliadis AM through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program 2017. Easton Pearson Archive, Museum of Brisbane Collection.

Ensemble at TAFE Queensland

TAFE Queensland’s Fashion Centre of Excellence, in collaboration with Museum of Brisbane (MoB), is proud to present Ensemble.

This intimate exhibition is a special opportunity to showcase the craftmanship and splendour of MoB’s Easton Pearson Archive.

As sponsors of MoB’s Easton Pearson Archive, TAFE Queensland’s Fashion Department has curated this exhibition as the first instalment of a series of exhibitions showcasing works from the Archive.

Each ensemble selected for this exhibition is an example of Easton Pearson’s creative and inventive designs, artisan craftsmanship in the details and embellishments, and above all, highlights the beauty of slow fashion. When our world began to speed up in ‘fast fashion’, Easton Pearson kept each garment slow and ethical.

Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson continually maintained many creative partnerships with global artisans throughout the design process, ensuring ethical conditions in the workshops they used. In doing so, they produced garments embedded with respect, creativity and love for the craft of fashion.

You can visit Ensemble at TAFE Queensland, Mount Gravatt Gallery, G block, 1030, Cavendish Road, Mount Gravatt.

Presented by TAFE Queensland in collaboration with Museum of Brisbane.

The Easton Pearson Archive gift to Museum of Brisbane has been made possible by the generous support of Dr Paul Eliadis AM, a Brisbane-based philanthropist and patron of contemporary art and design.

The Archive consists of more than 3,300 garments donated by Dr Eliadis through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program in 2017. It is supported by more than 5,000 accessories, specification sheets, range plans, look books, photographs and other supporting materials donated by Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson in 2018.

This event has now ended

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