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UnitePlayPerform, Kinship Ceremony at Carriageworks. Photo: Ro Llauro.

UnitePlayPerform: Kinship Playshop

An immersive experience to cultivate community connection.

This is a fresh space where immersive art, ritual, making and community come together. A guided experience hosted by UnitePlayPerform’s Artist, Founder and Master Facilitator ØFFËRÎNGŠ  (featured within Play Moves exhibition), providing a unique experience for all participants.

In this guided Kinship Playshop™ you will:

  • Get hands-on mentoring from multi-disciplinary artist ØFFËRÎNGŠ
  • Explore radical self-expression in a fun, inclusive, arts focused workshop that will center on reconnecting with your creative practice.
  • Explore principles of ritual, materiality, community and sculpture to help co-design a large-scale shrine to creativity.

“I believe that ceremonies, celebrations, rituals and rites are key ingredients for healthy communities. They teach us to witness something bigger than ourselves and help us feel like we have a place in the world.” – ØFFËRÎNGŠ

Spaces are limited to 20 participants per session.  People of all creative abilities and practice welcome.

What to bring:
  • Plastic or metal sealable water bottle
  • Comfy, high vibrational, coloured clothing to reflect your mood
  • Journal
  • Pen
This event has now ended