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Naavikaran. Photo: Megan Van De.

Artist in Residence: Naavikaran

Naavikaran’s work creates platforms for accessible and safe storytelling for identities of various intersections and communities.

As Artist in Residence, they will develop events, workshops and performance-based responses to activate the In Transit exhibition by Filipino-Australian artist Rhanjell Villanueva. Presented in partnership with BrisAsia Stories as part of BrisAsia Festival 2022, the In Transit exhibition and residency aim to provide a platform for conversation and reflection, using themes of intersectionality, language, displacement and reclaiming history as an opportunity for growth and healing.

Naavikaran will examine ideas of belonging, diversity and community while keeping a firm eye towards the future. Their workshops will invite you to explore your identity beyond socially prescribed labels and political spheres, and to create beautiful and uninhibited work.

Museum of Brisbane presents In Transit in partnership with BrisAsia Stories part of BrisAsia Festival, Brisbane’s premier event for cultural placemaking, creative and artistic innovation.

Presented by Brisbane City Council in partnership with Museum of Brisbane (MoB).

MoB’s Artist in Residence program is supported by Tim Fairfax AC.
SBS is a proud partner of BrisAsia Stories.

This event has now ended

About Naavikaran

Naavikaran is an all-round goddess, community facilitator, writer, theatre producer and choreographer from India, based in Meanjin (Brisbane). As a theatre producer and performer, Naavikaran starred in The Neighbourhood by La Boite Theatre Company, Future Ancestors by Metro Arts Theatre and Tales from the Colony by The Skin-Deep Collective. Their first independently produced theatre production, People of Colours premiered at Brisbane Powerhouse in May 2021.

Naavikaran. Photo: Megan Van De.