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Alfred Elliott (1870 – 1954), ‘Citizens’ Welcome’ arch, Queen Street, on the route of the procession to welcome the Duke of York (detail) 1927.

MoB Kids: History Detective

Ready for a detective adventure to investigate how our city of Brisbane has changed over time? Put on your thinking cap ‘Detective’ and download our MoB History Detective Notebook for an object investigation activity.

Visit The View From Here online gallery to uncover a collection of very old photos that give us clues to what life was like in Brisbane over 100 years ago. Or explore Brisbane in 1895 with your magnifying glass!

These photos were discovered inside a metal tin in a suburb of Brisbane called Red Hill. They were taken between 1890 and 1940 by Alfred Elliott who was an amateur photographer, meaning he liked to take photos in his spare time. View the photos to investigate one of the following themes of sightseeing, city structures, city life or technology to uncover how people, places and events have changed over time.

So what are you waiting for Detective? Time to discover more about Brisbane’s past! Who knows, you may even catch a view of your own suburb.

You will need:
How to:
  1. Download and print the Activity Sheet.
  2. Choose from one of the following themes to discover in your investigation of Alfred’s photographs: sightseeing, city structures, city life or technology.
  3. Visit The View From Here online gallery and examine as many photos as you can.
  4. Find photos that have to do with your chosen theme.
  5. Read through and answer the questions in your History Detective Notepad to complete your investigation.

Download Activity

MoB Kids History Detective Activity Sheet

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