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A girl with red hair is wearing a white jumpsuit with lemons all over it and facing sideways. Behind her, there is a red wall featuring thirteen paintings. Most of them are hung on the wall, though there are 3 sitting on plinths.
Making Place: Explore the artworks


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Craig & Karl, Individual 1-6 (detail), 2019, digital print on adhesive film. Photo: Toby Scott, courtesy the artists.

MoB Kids: Colour in with Craig & Karl

Craig Redman and Karl Maier are the ultimate genre-hoppers. The duo have designed everything from album covers, typefaces and animations, to set designs, art installations and product packaging. Best known for their colour-pop aesthetic, Craig & Karl teamed up in 2011 to form their namesake firm after meeting each other while studying at Queensland College of Art.

Working across a range of design elements, Craig & Karl approach their work in a highly collaborative fashion. One of their most beloved works, featured in BRISBANE ART DESIGN: OPEN SOURCE, is a large-scale portrait series of their friends, which the designers treat as a timestamp to capture moments with the people who were present during certain periods of their lives. The works are essentially composites and memories of people and experiences from Craig and Karl’s time living in Brisbane.

In this activity you will get a chance to ‘colour in’ with Craig & Karl. Just print out the activity sheet below, and grab some coloured pencils to get started! You could even try drawing a portrait of one of your friends in Craig & Karl style. Visit their website HERE to inspire your work.


You will need:
  • Printer
  • This printable PDF
  • Colour pencils or pens

Download Activity

Craig & Karl, colour in activity based on the artwork Individual 3 2019, courtesy the artists.
Craig & Karl, colour in activity based on the artwork Individual 3 2019, courtesy the artists.

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