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A Taste of Brisbane: Food & Art

  • Explore Brisbane artists influenced by food culture

A Taste of Brisbane: Food & Art

Food is on our minds right now. We’re seeing people around the world turning to food as a source of comfort, familiarity and security in the face of a crisis, from bulk buying pasta to making their own bread at home and growing their own vegies. With international borders closed, a rallying of support for local businesses, and a move to avoid crowded supermarkets, more and more people are looking local – conscious of where their food is being produced and how, and the waste that it contributes.

What better time than now to explore how artists work with food as subject matter and inspiration today?

Banner: Sean Rafferty (Galway, Ireland b. 1979), Cartonograph (Market Place) (detail) 2017, cardboard fruit cartons, timber and fixtures. Photo: Carl Warner, courtesy the artist. | Image: Elizabeth Willing (Mornington, VIC b. 1988), Passed Down: an (un)familiar landscape (strawberry) 2017, collage of cookbook images, glue. Gift of Elizabeth Willing 2018, Museum of Brisbane Collection. 

Elizabeth Willing

Elizabeth Willing is a Brisbane-based artist who uses food as her primary subject and material. For more than 10 years, Elizabeth has created artworks generated by the act of consumption, participatory installations, ephemeral edible sculptures, paintings and experimental dining events which engage audiences through smell, taste, sight and touch.

Learn more about Elizabeth’s practice and work on her artist profile.

Image: Elizabeth Willing, Untitled (toasted marshmallow) detail 2017, photographed in Museum of Brisbane’s Tastes Like Sunshine exhibition, 2017. Photo: Greg Samu.

Carol McGregor

Carol McGregor is a visual artist of Wathaurung (Victoria) and Scottish descent based in Brisbane. Carol’s multi-disciplinary art practice maintains a strong engagement with the land. Carol works closely with members of the local Aboriginal community to record in ochre their shared stories on contemporary possum skin cloaks that reflect the long tradition of these items.

Explore the Bush tucker cloak in more detail and read more about Carol’s work on her artist profile.

Image: Carol McGregor (Hastings, New Zealand b. 1961), Bush tucker (detail) 2017, possum skins, cotton, ochre, ash, resin and binder. Museum of Brisbane Collection.

Marian Drew

Marian Drew uses photography to explore issues of belonging, place and identity, where the journey of the creative process is just as important as the finished product. Her photographs typically feature Australian native fauna alongside food items and decorative materials from the home. Their rawness and domestic settings elevate the everyday, often trivial events that occur within the home. Drawing on familiar historical genres of still life and vanitas paintings, Marian’s works ask questions about consumption, changing cultures and the environment.

Read more about Marian’s work on her artist profile.

Image: Marian Drew (Bundaberg b. 1960), Wallaby with tarpaulin 2005, photograph. Courtesy the artist.

Sean Rafferty

Sean Rafferty is an installation artist born in Galway, Ireland, currently based in Brisbane. In recent years, Sean has adopted the role of collector. In 2017, Sean spent time observing the machinations of the Brisbane Markets at Rocklea where many stories behind the produce were shared by farmers, wholesalers and distributors. He reimagined the humble produce carton creatively transforming it from a practical item into whimsical and colourful installations.

Read more about Sean’s work on his artist profile.

Image: Sean Rafferty (Galway, Ireland b. 1979), Market Place (detail) 2017, giclee prints on paper on cardboard, timber and acrylic. Photo: Carl Warner, courtesy the artist.