Museum of Brisbane

Silky Oak

  • 27 Mar 2009 — 12 Jul 2009
  • Exhibition now closed

Silky oak, with its dappled patterning and golden hue, is the timber loved by Queenslanders

Silky Oak

Since the 19th Century, we have used it in our homes and public buildings, the furniture and ornamentation within, as well as everyday items from the magnificent to the mundane. Silky oak trees scatter the hills and valleys of Brisbane. Its spectacular golden flowers make it one of our most popular trees, appearing in parks, gardens and avenues. Silky oak is a quintessential part of our regional culture.

Museum of Brisbane’s exhibition combined social, environmental and design history to explore the special qualities of this distinctive local tree. Displayed were pieces of fine furniture from the 19th and 20th Centuries, fascinating historical items from the timber industry and a wide range of everyday and domestic objects.

Contemporary furniture commissions, created by four of Queensland’s leading designers, that showcase the rich qualities and possibilities of silky oak, were one of the exhibition’s highlights. This celebration of our design heritage aimed to ensure that this special timber remains important to Queenslanders for generations to come.

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