Museum of Brisbane

Remembering Goodna:

  • 02 Nov 2007 — 23 Mar 2008
  • Exhibition now closed

Remembering Goodna exhibition shed light on a part of Queensland’s past that has been largely hidden: the history of the large hospital located at Goodna, on the banks of the Brisbane River.

Remembering Goodna

Remembering Goodna poster

This institution has a difficult and complex history, reflecting society’s struggle with mental illness. Yet, at its heart, are the stories of many thousands of lives – ordinary lives, extraordinary lives. During Goodna’s 150 year history, cameras were not allowed on site and personal records remain confidential. Pieced together from the traces and fragments that survive, this exhibition was a tribute to those lives.

The exhibition was undertaken in partnership with Queensland Health through The Park – Centre for Mental Health (as Wolston Park is now known) and Professor Mark Finnane of Griffith University who has undertaken extensive research into the history of Wolston Park.

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