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Photography vs film: Who tells a better story?

  • 22 Nov 2015
  • Exhibition now closed

Rather than a museum of fossils and old bones, Museum of Brisbane is part of the living history of the city, examining how Brisbane and its people continue to change over time and revealing how each of our individual and collective stories are the milestones of the city’‚™s evolution. The Museum explores seemingly ordinary people and places of Brisbane to uncover unexpected and fascinating stories.

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The revitalised Museum of Brisbane is located on top of the newly restored Brisbane City Hall. Holding a significant place in the hearts of Brisbane residents as the ‘People’s Place’ City Hall has the enviable title of Brisbane’s premier heritage building.

As the iconic symbol of our city’s heart, it is only fitting that City Hall should continue to provide a place where residents of the city, along with interstate and international visitors, can discover and explore the people, places and stories of Brisbane. Up on the roof of City Hall the Museum provides an oasis in the city, housing five galleries, a theatrette, and the Dome Lounge.


Museum of Brisbane opened in October 2003, replacing the existing Brisbane City Gallery, on the ground floor of City Hall. In 2010, when City Hall closed for restoration, the Museum temporarily relocated to Ann Street. In its 10 years, more than three million visitors have enjoyed more than 120 exhibitions.

Reopening in April 2013 in a purpose-built gallery on Level 3, Museum of Brisbane is the jewel in the crown of the revitalised City Hall, offering intriguing views of two of the buildings most beautiful features – the clock tower and copper dome.


To discover and show all that is Brisbane to the world.


The mission of Museum of Brisbane is to research and present a changing program of high quality exhibitions that explore and present all that is Brisbane, to establish itself as a museum of national significance by creating rich cultural experiences that inform, educate and entertain.

Annual reports

Museum of Brisbane Annual Report 2014



Sallyanne Atkinson AO (Chairman)
Andrew Harper
Jeff Humphreys
Alison Kubler
Chris Tyquin
David Askern



Director, Peter Denham
Deputy Director, Christopher Salter
Executive Assistant, Alix Perry
Program Manager, Leanne Kelly
Collection Manager, Kathryn King
Curator, Phil Manning
Assistant Curator, Melinda Gagen
Education Manager, Renae Cummins
Exhibition Designer, Alison Ross
Exhibition Build Officer, Jamie Spiers
Exhibition Technical Officer, Frank Casablanca
100% Brisbane Researcher, Bec Reid

Head of Audiences, Cassie Grace
Public Programs Officer,
Hilary Perrett
Marketing Coordinator, Brianna Mackey
Development Manager, Andrew Tynan
Development Coordinator, Gemma Dye
Finance Officer, Melanie Heley
Head of Operations, Amanda Dinsdale
Visitor Experience Coordinator, David West
Customer Service Retail Officers, Sophie Chapman, Stephanie Bonel, Gemma Larsen
Customer Service Officers, Anna Deuble, Brian Ogden, Brooke White, Domenica Hoare, Dominique, Erola Prat Ibañez, Georgia Williams, Greg Sikich, Gwen Suschinsky, Isobel, Jeremy Eden, Sharee, Melissa Bockelmann, Trevina Hall, Zoe de Plevitz



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Media releases


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30 September 2015

Museum of Brisbane searches for 100 residents to star in 2016 exhibtion

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6 May 2015

Museum of Brisbane will explore Queensland’s most urbanised catchment with an evocative collection of short films

25 March 2015

Be charmed by the personality of Brisbane through the works of 20th century artist, William Bustard, regarded for his mastery in capturing Queensland’s distinctive sense of light

22 Nov 2015

Step back in time onto the soundstage of a bygone era and discover the cinematic world of Costumes from the Golden Age of Hollywood

10 April 2014

Museum of Brisbane is collaborating with one of Australia’s most acclaimed authors, David Malouf, and five contemporary artists to create a new exhibition that will pay homage to the writer’s work in his 80th year

19 February 2014

Photographs from Brisbane’s earliest photographic studios offer fresh insights in a new Museum of Brisbane exhibition

28 January 2014

Moreton Bay, David Malouf and Hollywood costumes star at Museum of Brisbane in 2014

06 December 2013

Museum of Brisbane explores The many lives of Moreton Bay in new exhibition

04 December 2013

Museum of Brisbane uncovers 1878 painting by prisoner, reveals untold history

25 October 2013

Museum of Brisbane celebrates 10th anniversary in landmark year

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Leading Australian artists collaborate in new exhibition

06 September 2013

Stephen Hart sculpts his fellow humans

05 July 2013

100,000 visitors flock to new Museum of Brisbane

05 June 2013

Museum of Brisbane celebrates Queensland Rugby Unions 130th anniversary

08 April 2013

What are those giant numbers in the city?


05 March 2013

Doors open to city‚™s newest cultural space


The Museum and its staff are highly regarded for their innovation and contemporary international practice across the museum and gallery sector. The recipient of a number of ‚ major awards during its brief history, the Museum has twice been awarded the top honour at the prestigious Queensland Museum and Gallery Achievement Awards, as well as major National Trust of Queensland Awards.


USE MoB 2771Thea Baumann Hologram Holiday

my private neon oasis: Thea Baumann Hologram Holiday

2015: Museums and Galleries National Awards

Best temporary or travelling exhibition for Costumes from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Highly commended temporary or travelling exhibition for David Malouf and friends

2014: Museums Australia Multimedia and Publications Design Awards

High commended multimedia (Level a): Help us finish the stories of Brisbane

2014: Heritage and Cultural Tourism Category at the Queensland Tourism Awards

Bronze award

2014: Museums Australia Multimedia and Publications Design Awards

Best multimedia: Stories from the City

Best institution website:

Best program website:  10 Years, 10 Stories

2014: Museums and Galleries National Award (MAGNA)

Best permanent exhibition or gallery fitout: The River: A history of Brisbane

2012: ‚ Gallery and Museum Achievement Awards (GAMAA)

Outstanding achievement: my own private neon oasis (12 September ‚“- 31 October 2011, Sunnybank).

2012: ‚ Australia Business Arts Foundation (AbaF) Queensland Awards / Toyota Community Award

This award is for partnerships between businesses and arts and cultural organisations that enhance the life of communities. Museum of Brisbane and Sunnybank Plaza received the award for my own private neon oasis (12 September ‚“- 31 October 2011, Sunnybank).

2012: ‚ Australia Business Arts Foundation (AbaF) Queensland Awards / Good Practice Recognition

All partnerships, projects and programs are assessed for good practice recognition. Nominations deemed by the judges to demonstrate good practice will be acknowledged at the state awards events and entitled to use the good practice stamp provided by AbaF.

2010: Gallery and Museum Achievement Awards (GAMAA)

Outstanding achievement:‚“ Prejudice & Pride: Recognising the contribution of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities in Brisbane (4 June -‚“ 17 October 2010).

2009: National Trust of Queensland, Bendigo Bank Heritage Award

10 Days in August: Memories of the EKKA (25 July ‚“- 16 November 2008).

2008: Gallery and Museum Achievement Awards (GAMAA)

Outstanding achievement‚“: Remembering Goodna: Stories from a Queensland Mental Hospital (2 November 2007 -‚“ 23 March 2008).

2008: National Trust of Queensland Heritage Awards

John Herbert Memorial Award for most outstanding achievement: Remembering Goodna: Stories from a Queensland Mental Hospital (2 November 2007 -‚“ 23 March 2008).

2008: National Trust of Queensland Heritage Awards

Gold award‚“: Remembering Goodna: Stories from a Queensland Mental Hospital (2 November 2007 -‚“ 23 March 2008).

2008: Queensland Mental Health Week Achievement Awards

Media award:‚“ Remembering Goodna: Stories from a Queensland Mental Hospital (2 November 2007 -‚“ 23 March 2008).


The City of Brisbane Collection is owned by the people of Brisbane through Brisbane City Council, and is cared for and managed by Museum of Brisbane. Beginning in 1859 with the foundation of local government in Brisbane, the Collection‚™’s holdings expanded in 1912 when a large number of works by local artist Richard Randall were donated by his father. During the 1960s and 1970s more works were added through gifts and purchases when the City Hall Arts and Historical Committee became responsible for development of the Collection.

A collection of historical ceramics grew after the appointment of a curator during the 1970s and contemporary works by Brisbane artists were acquired during the 1990s. Since the launch of Museum of Brisbane in 2003, works by contemporary artists and a number of multimedia presentations have been commissioned as part of Museum exhibitions and added to Collection holdings, which now exceed 5000 items.



How far ahead do you plan exhibitions?

Exhibition programs are approved 3 years in advance, with individual exhibitions being in development from between 6 months and 2 years, depending on their size and complexity.

How do I submit an exhibition proposal?

If you wish to submit an exhibition proposal, please email‚‚ and your inquiry will be forwarded to the Program Manager. Our Program Manager will then be in contact.

Does the Museum have a permanent collection?

Museum of Brisbane is the custodian of the City of Brisbane Collection.

How do I donate works?

Please email‚, with an image and details of the potential donation. Our Collection‚ Manager will then be in contact.

Conditions of entry?

To ensure the safety of the artworks, and in consideration of other visitors, we ask that movement through the Museum be orderly and considerate. For the safety of artworks and visitors, it is a requirement that visitors to the Museum must accept and comply with these conditions.

  • No touching of artwork or any items exhibited
  • No food/drink
  • No smoking
  • No large bags or helmets
  • No umbrellas
  • No flash photography
  • Group visits must be booked at least two weeks in advance by contacting 07 3999 0800
  • Mobile phones should be turned to silent mode