Museum of Brisbane

Kenji Uranishi: Momentary

  • 19 Feb - 22 May 2016
  • Exhibition now closed

Everything is momentary; nothing stays the same. Kenji Uranishi captures the memory of that moment and the constant state of change.

Kenji Uranishi: Momentary

Kenji Uranishi is a Japanese-born ceramic artist who relocated to Brisbane more than a decade ago bringing with him ancient Japanese ceramic techniques and a deep understanding and respect for the surrounding environment.

Inspired by his Japanese and Australian experiences, Uranishi’s delicate artistry draws on patterns and forms found in both the man-made and natural worlds and responds to their constant state of change.

In his newest body of work created especially for Museum of Brisbane, Uranishi has handcrafted a series of ceramic works inspired by the momentary interplay of light on the urban landscape.

Credit-Simon Woods

 Video credit: Simon Woods