Museum of Brisbane

Echoes of Home

  • 06 May 2005 — 21 Aug 2005
  • Exhibition now closed

This exhibition featured the work of 14 Australian-based Asian artists who have strongly incorporated their various skills, traditions and stories of their diverse homelands into their work.

Echoes of Home

Echoes of Home is an important and exciting show, revealing the significant contribution and influence these artists (many of whom are internationally renowned) have made to visual culture, particularly contemporary craft, in Australia.

Participating artists, both emerging and established are Keiko Amenomori-Schmeisser, Dadang Christanto, Yuri Kawanabe, Won Seok Kim, Liu Xiao Xian, Yoshie Mizuno, Humna Mustafa, Alwin Reamillo, Pamela Mei-Leng See, Shine Myung-ok Shin, Renee So, Jaishree Srinivasan, Alistair Trung and Savanhdary Vongpoothorn.