Museum of Brisbane

Dress Code

  • 3 Nov 2018 - 28 Jan 2019
  • Exhibition now closed

Dress Code presents five contemporary artists – Gerwyn Davies, Hannah Gartside, Lisa Hilli, Grace Lillian Lee and Emily McGuire – exploring fashion as the material embodiment of culture, gender and historical identity.

Dress Code

Dress Code merges art, design, craft and fashion to investigate the diversity of cultural approaches to making, wearing and buying across the Asia Pacific, and how performing these acts frames our communal and individual identities.

Dress Code features newly commissioned work by Hannah Gartside, Emily McGuire and Grace Lillian Lee. The new works extend each of the artists’ ongoing investigations of collaboration, consumerism and identity within the context of fashion through artwork, installation and photography.

The exhibition will also showcase signature works from Gerwyn Davies’ decade-long career, alongside an installation by Lisa Hilli.

Gerwyn will be Artist-in-Residence at the Museum from 29 October – 23 November 2018. During his residency he will create a series of costume and still-life photographic works in response to the Museum of Brisbane Collection. Visitors are encouraged to engage with Gerwyn, to debate and discuss the social and cultural dimensions of fashion and identity.

Dress Code is part of the Museum’s celebration of art / fashion / culture this summer, complementing our major exhibition The Designers’ Guide: Easton Pearson Archive by revealing how contemporary designers and artists are responding to topics of slow fashion, ethical collaboration and sustainability.


About the artists:

Gerwyn Davies

Combining constructed photography and costume making, Gerwyn’s work is an ongoing inventory of characters that are assembled, worn and staged for the camera in an expanded and performative approach to image making.

Hannah Gartside

Hannah uses deconstructed dressmaking practices to explore ideas of the feminine and the human condition. Hannah collects and repurposes everyday materials and draws from dressmaking, costume making and patchwork quilting processes.

Lisa Hilli

Lisa Hilli is a contemporary artist whose work focuses on the representation of the black female body and adornment as ongoing themes that allow her to explore, combine and disrupt the confines of photographic and textile practices.

Grace Lillian Lee

Grace is best known for her stunning wearable artworks that merge Torres Strait Islander weaving traditions with contemporary fashion practice. By mentoring and collaborating with communities, Grace practices cultural craftsmanship in contemporary forms to both inspire and inform.

Emily McGuire

Emily is an artist, writer and early career researcher in contemporary fashion practice.  With a background in fashion design her work explores the complex relationship between fashion, sustainability and female identity using textiles and secondhand clothing.


Right (1): Artist Gerwyn Davies photographed by David Kelly.
Right (2): Artist Emily McGuire photographed by David Kelly.
Right (3): Artist Hannah Gartside photographed by David Kelly.
Right (4): Artist Grace Lillian Lee photographed by David Kelly.
Right (5): Artist Lisa Hilli photographed by David Kelly.