Museum of Brisbane

Dead Letter Club: Convict edition

  • Friday 14 Sep 2018
  • Exhibition now closed

The slow communication revolution. The Dead Letter Club is a mashup of creative writing, mystery, parlour games and low commitment pen pals. Pick up a pen and let the ink flow.

Dead Letter Club: Convict edition

Sharpen your quills and join creative social movement, Dead Letter Club at Museum of Brisbane for a creative writing workshop akin to none.

A mash-up of creative writing, mystery parlour games and, low-commitment pen-pals.  Dead Letter Club is a response to Twitter, txtspeak, canned responses and emojis. Think ransom notes from pirates, missives from the afterlife, family feuds that unfold on paper, love letters to your barista, correspondence between Wendy and Peter Pan (about Tinkerbell), and of course, letters to Santa.

Created by Melanie Knight, Dead letter Club is here to bring back the art of slow communication through creative letter writing events. For this special Brisbane edition, guests will assume a nom de plume based on the characters in Life in Irons and write a letter to ‘someone’.  Through the Dead Letter Club’s mystery postal service your letter will be delivered to someone else in the room and so the epistles unfold. The result will be incredible pieces of correspondence created by two people, unknown to each other, over the course of an evening.

You can expect your letters to appear at other Dead Letter Clubs, by sharing what is created we keep the Dead Letters alive.


Dead Letter Club, Photo credit: Amelia Shaw Jan

Photo credit: Amelia Shaw Jan